Aid and accomodation shelter
for women victims
of domestic violence and their children

OUR mission

La Méridienne,  founded in 1989, has for mission to offer to the women victims of domestic violence and to their children a safe and welcoming living environment as well as a whole range of services whose primary goal is to allow women to regain power over their lives.

More specifically,
La Méridienne is :

A help resource and shelter that propose quality services to all women victims of domestic violence and their children in a feminist perspective.

A resource that allows :

to fight against violence against women;

to work for a social change by raising awareness to partners and population to the social problem of domestic violence and its consequences;

to advance the cause of women victims of domestic violence by promote values and principles of equality between men and women.


You think you know a woman victim of domestic violence?
Here are some ways to help her:

You wish to make a donation?


Every year, we need your financial support to offer quality services to women and children who use our services. Your donations also allow us to organize activities and projets to help improve their living conditions.

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