Immigrant woman

If you are an immigrant woman, know that at La Méridienne, we welcome women from all around the world and we are able to offer you the appropriate services and interventions for your personal situation. The counselors here have intercultural experiences gained here and elsewhere in the world.

Our actions aim to promote the immigrant women’s autonomy by informing them about their rights and by helping them in their integration in the host country. 

Our approach

In our interventions, we use the intercultural approach. This approach is a process of help which is based on respect for the person, her vision of the world, her system of values and her needs.

immigration issues

Some immigrant women have no or very little social network, are very isolated, allophone or hardly speak French or English. This presents a considerable challenge in a process of seeking help. 

Some experience a lot of guilt when they report a situation of domestic violence and feel powerless against the laws and the rights of their host community (civil and criminal justice process, reports to youth protection, etc.).

In a situation of domestic violence, controlling behaviors of the partner often results in women not familiarizing themselves with the host society. On the other hand, issues related to immigration can be used by the spouse as a mean of control (woman awaiting status, sponsored woman, etc.).


Although domestic violence is not a phenomenon unique to immigrant women, several factors can create an environment that makes them more at risk of being victims. Several barriers are still present :

  • The language barrier;
  • Social and geographic isolation;
  • Spouse dependency;
  • Precarious status and sponsorships;
  • Social pressures from communities and fear of rejection;
  • Lack of knowledge of services and laws;
  • The role of the police and the justice system. 

Is my partner controlling ?

Here is some exemples which will help you identify the possible forms of violence you may be victim of.

If you recognize yourself by some of these statements, you may experience domestic violence in your romantic relationship.

At La Méridienne, we offer you the opportunity to be safe, to be listened to, to catch your breath and to take a step back from your situation. 

  • It is really stressing to live with my partner because I never know what will trigger his anger, I feel like I walk on eggs.


  • I feel despised, attacked in my weak spots, humiliated and\or controled about the way I dress, do my hair, talk, etc.

  • He threatens me, scares me and I feel intimidated.

  • He controls my comings and goings, he forbids me to see my family and friends, or forbids me to go out without him.

  • He controls my paycheck and watches all my expenses.

  • He forbids me to get a job or makes sure I lose it.

  • He screams at me, insults me and he calls me by names.

  • I feel like I am always wrong, I feel guilty, responsible for everything and I begin to believe I am crazy.

  • He denigrates my body, my sexual performances or compares me to other women.

  • He pushes me, hits me, pinches me, slaps me, bites me, pulls my hair, twists my arm, etc.

  • He destroys my clothes or my favorite things.

  • He throws objects, hits the walls or on the furnitures.

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