A vigil for the victims of the Polytechnic school

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28 January 2020



The Polytechnic school drama : A revealing vigil

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About twenty people were present during the vigil in memory of  the 14 victims of the attack at the Polytechnic school. 

About twenty people were present on December 6 at the vigil which took place at the women center (Centre des femmes du Haut-Saint-François, La Passerelle), in memory of the 14 victims of the polytechnic attack.

The event, in collaboration with La Méridienne, a help and shelter for women victims of domestic violence, welcomed women, men and children. Everyone was invited to take a minute of silence to remember these women murdered in 1989. The organizers took the floor to explain the events that occurred 30 years ago and also to raise awareness of the different forms of violence. A number of 14 decorative balls bearing the names of the 14 victims were then hung from a lighted banner.

The touching testimony of a victim of domestic violence, Katia, moved those present. She told her story and explained that the domestic violence has several forms: physical, psychological, sexual, social, verbal and economic. “I got a perfect 6 out of 6,” she says emotionally.

Some people present also took the floor to state their awareness of the atrocity of the acts committed during the attack.

The feminicide that occurred 30 years ago has been officially named a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women this year. This day aims to pay tribute to people who have been victims of gender-based violence. “Finally, we emphasize that this was an anti-feminist attack,” said Vee, one of the organizers.

Several events took place simultaneously across the province in memory of the victims and as part of the 12 to 16 days of actions against violence against women.

In Canada, domestic violence is consistently the most common form of violence against women, explains the website of the Federation of Shelters for Women. According to Statistics Canada, in 2017, 95 704 people filed charges for violent crimes by their romantic partner or ex-partner. Of this number, women are the most victims, a ratio of 8 out of 10.

La Passerelle and La Méridienne wanted to remind citizens that they are welcome at their centers if they feel the need.

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