Frequently asked questions

What are my rights ?

Women victims of domestic violence have rights that are unfortunatly often unknown. We all have the right to safety. Most of the time, shelters for women are able to answer the questions about these rights. Otherwise, they refer to the appropriate resources.

Know, for example, that a victim have the right to be informed of the release of her aggressor, to terminate her lease because of domestic violence or sexual assault or to be accompanied in the legal process.

What is the duration of the stay into the shelter ?

La Méridienne offers a stay of 6 weeks minimum. However, the duration of the stay can vary according to the needs and the situation of women.

What would I do while staying at La Méridienne ?

You will be able to take a step back from your situation and meet social workers to identify your needs. They will be able to accompany you and support you in the steps you will take yo regain power over your life.  Visit the Services  section of our website to learn more.

Can I receive visits from my relatives at La Méridienne during my stay ?

To ensure the privacy of the shelter, unfortunatly, it is not possible. However, there is always the possibility to meet at a public place close to the shelter.

Am I required to stay at the shelter at all times?

No, you are free to go out and do your usual activities that you would do usually. Go to work, go to school, visit you friends or family. However, we ask you to respect the organization’s rules and not to compromise the safety of the shelter.

I feel that my child may be affected by the domestic violence situation, could he or she get help during my stay?

Yes, La Méridienne offers a youth intervention with all children during their stay. They will try to establish a meaningful bond with children to help them overcome the difficulties and consequences related to the family situation.

Visit the Services  section of our website to learn more.

Would I have access to a private room for me and my children?

Definitly, each woman, alone or with her children has access to a private room.

The common rooms are : the bathrooms, the dining room, the living room, the playroom and the backyard. You can look at the pictures of the house on the homepage.

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