Do You Think you know a woman who is a victim of domestic violence?  Here is some ways to help her:

«How can I help her?»

It sure is a question we need to ask ourselves if we are a witness of a domestic violence’s situation. 

Your role is important. portant, you can help her to break the silence.

If someone close to you is a victim of domestic violence, your vigilance and your moral support will be really precious to her. Don’t ever underestimate the impact of your help, you have the power to help her. 

You can help her by these kind of actions:

  • Listen to her ;
  • Understand her fears, her doubts, her guilt or her shame;
  • Don’t blame or juge her ;
  • Maintain a bond with her, even if the abusor does everything to isolate her ;
  • Talk with her about her perceptions of her situation ;
  • Try not to talk against the agressor ;
  • Respect her rhythm ;
  • Don’t ever take a decision for her ;
  • You can search ressources that can help her and inform her about it after ;
  • Always offer her your support.


Nevertheless, if you feel like you are not equiped to deal with it or if you have doubts, don’t hesitate to call a specialised ressource in domestic violence, like La Méridienne. A counselor is always available to help you and answer your questions.

However, if you fear for your safety or for the safety of your loved ones, it is important that you call the police.

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