Domestic violence

domestic violence,
What is it exactly ?

Domestic violence is a mean of control exercised most of the time by a man towards his partner (mostly women). It allows the aggressor to optain a gain regardless of the rights and needs of his victim. Its possible manifestations are usually escalating, ranging from more subtle words and gestures, to aggravated assaults and even homicides. this is never an isolated event, but a series  of events that are part of the cycle of violence. Its consequences have repercussions at the physical, psychological, family and social level on its victims, women and children mostly. Domiance always comes from the person wanting to take control, while the other is trying to defend and protect herself.

Different forms of domestic violence

  • Verbal abuse

    The verbal abuse is heard.  Bursts of voices, screams, howls. Often, a violent man will raise his voice to intimidate his partner or threaten her. It can also result in prohibitions, blackmails and orders.

  • Psychological abuse

    The psychological abuse is a series of attitudes and contemptuous and humiliating remark. He denigrates her intellectual abilities, her appearance and her parental abilities.

  • Physical abuse

    The physical abuse is not always used to maintain his power over his partner. It results in blows, brutality or physical constraint. He shakes, slaps, hits, sequesters, hits the belly despite being pregnant, hits with an object, etc.

  • Sexual abuse

    The sexual abuse is probably the most difficult to tell and identify.

    It results by the obligation to sexual intercourse without consent. During sex, without the woman’s wishes, he can tie her up, call her names, etc. He may force her to wear clothes or watch pornography. Sexual abuse can also have a psychological aspect. The man may intimidate or humiliate her by comparing her to other women, he may harass or threaten her.

  • Financial abuse

    The financial abuse is a control over her choices of work or study. It is also when he limits her from spending money and when he denies her access to financial ressources.

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